Dance Books and Literature Reviews

In this section you can find dozens of books that we have personally read and reviewed. Topics include all areas of dance such as ballet, belly dance and Raqs sharqi, contemporary dance, dance theory and research and dances from around the world and their traditions. Have a dance book you want reviewed? Whether it is an eBook, fiction, non-fiction and whatever genre of dance, I’ll read it and review it – contact me for reviews.

Because of my passion for dance, I have read several books on dance, from books about technique and culture to dancers’ biographies and more.

In addition, because of my PhD research, I have read several academic books on dance theory, history and traditions. So, I have decided to review these books and post my reviews on this page.

I will add more dance books reviews in this section as I write them. So, keep an eye on this section for new reviews.

I will also add reviews for more books I will read in the future. The field of dance is so rich and there are so many dance books to read! Fortunately, these days such books can be easily bought online as there are not many physical bookshops that have a well-stocked dance section.

Please contact me if there are any books that you would like to bring to my attention that are worth reading, or if you have written a book on dance that you would like me to review on this site.