Intangible Heritage and Qualitative Researchers for Hire

Traditional Korea dance
Traditional Korea dance

Dance Research Approach

Valeria Lo Iacono is a Ph.D. trained researcher who specializes in online and offline qualitative research methods.

Qualitative research provides depth and details in the exploration of many topics and, because it is open (for example by allowing respondents to elaborate on their answers), it allows new issues to emerge that may have not been initially considered.

Dr Valeria Lo Iacono and her team of skilled researchers offer their services to a variety of customers from private companies, to nonprofit organizations and the public sector. We provide the following services:

Dance Research Services

  • User experience UX Research and human factors  design expert and specialist
  • Research strategy consultancy.
  • Research planning and design.
  • In-depth interviews with selected participants (in person or using VoIP).
  • Focus groups.
  • Research using online media.
  • Analysis of qualitative data.
  • Detailed reports.
  • Training and workshops on qualitative research methods.

Although we specialize in intangible heritage, we offer the services above to a wide variety of sectors, as the same research principles apply to all.

In addition to the services listed above, you can contact us to enquire about bespoke research packages and we will be happy to cater to your needs.

With regards to the intangible heritage sector (including dance; other performing arts; sports; crafts, skills, and traditions; food and endangered languages), we offer research and consultancy on:

  • Preparing case studies for funding applications.
  • Heritage promotion.
  • Heritage curation systems.

Further Information

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