Last Updated on August 7, 2023

Analysis of Sahara Samara the Egyptian dancer

Background of Sahar Samara

Another Egyptian dancer who teaches at the Nile Group Festival is Sahar Samara.

She also participated in the raqs sharqi competition Al Rakesa, organised by Dina, and she came second.

I found a little bit more information about her from the website of a raqs sharqi festival held in France, where she taught (Oriental Marathon Festival, no date).

According to that website, Sahar was born in Egypt and studied Raqs sharqi and folklore with Tito Seif, whose dance troupe she was part of.

Video Analysed

Laban Analysis

Sahar samara laban analysis of her dance movements
Table 38 – Sahar Samara’s style Laban analysis

Table 38 shows a summary of Sahar’s style.

There are several videos of her dancing online, mostly from live performances at festivals in and outside of Egypt. One example shows her dancing in 2014 at the Nile Group Festival (Daniella Cairo, 2014b).

She is clearly influenced by Dina and Randa, but overall her style is more relaxed than Randa’s and less intense than Dina’s in terms of facial expressions.

She is more mellow, which shows that not all contemporary Egyptian Raqs sharqi dancers have an over-assertive attitude.

Hence, maybe the quality of the dance is not just dependent on trends and social environments, but also on other factors such as individual history and personality, the type of audience they want to appeal to, and taste.

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